This is our Dam Gracie.  She is a beautiful black female.  She has a short, dense, weather resistant coat, Otter tail and blocky head.  She has kind, friendly eyes, intelligent with a good temperment.  She loves her tennis balls and bones.  You do not see her without something she is carrying around in her mouth.  


Namath is our sire. He is muscular, blockly headed and otter tail with a picture perfect phasic. Namath is so sweet and his soulful eyes are dreamy. 


This is our dam Bella.  She is a yellow English Labradoe Retriever.  She is 65-70 pounds which is average size femaile.  Bella is a sweet loving lab and like others we have she is very athletic. 


Cabela is our Dam.  This is Bella and Duke's baby.  She is a gorgeous charcoal female.  Perfect english labrador retreiver traits, otter tail, blocky head and perfect coat.  Cabela has a sweet temperment. 


Our Team

We love building products for you

Jeff & Belinda Nethercutt


We love raising Labrador Retrievers because they are the perfect breed to have as a loving companion and/or hunting dogs.  We want to share the joy and love our dogs give to us everyday.  We also sell for duck hunting which is an intense 2yr year program to be fully trained.  In addition we sell green broke labrador's to be trained to know the basics.  Please feel free to contact regarding any questions you may have and we look forward to meeting you.

Our Mission 

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Our mission is to breed pure bread labs to their finest so that they are the best for those who are interested in the purchase of one. Throughout the purchasing of a puppy we wish to serve the customers to the best of our ability and knowledge. While we take great care of our dogs in which we breed, we also take gentle and loving care for all the puppies that are in each liter. We strive to provide healthy puppies that are able to go to their happy, loving and forever home.